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allegra j. 

artist. educator. multitalented changemaker.

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"allegra was so friendly and engaging. it is a problem, actually, my daughter does not want to do another art program unless Allegra is the teacher! :) the classes added to her creative repertoire. later, I could see my daughter adding things she learned in these classes to art projects she was doing on her own."

parent of student

"having worked with Allegra for 3 years as a non-profit professional and youth teaching artist, I can speak to her attention to detail in the classroom, her thoughtfulness towards each and every student, and her creativity and passion for designing fun and educational activities for every age group. she is a truly dedicated educator who believes in the importance of finding a way to engage with each unique child, and it shows in how much kids love and respond to her!


"allegra kept everyone engaged in the best way - even over Zoom! she is a great teacher who asks the right questions to get you thinking creatively (which is a challenge for some of us) while also giving you just the right amount of guidance and support! 

I cannot recommend classes with Allegra enough! her passion for the work that she does really comes through her teaching!

workshop participant

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