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for fall 2020

as some of the first "virtual camps" on the market when the pandemic hit, fellow educator, merina rainville and I have pioneered creative, online programming that offers intentional and engaging online classes and art parties for both kids and adults. our curriculum is interactive, creative, experience-based and encourages hands-on-learning!

when you book an Out-Of-The-Box Workshop or Art Party, you get a fully-stocked supply box with everything you'll need to create with us online!

  • for kiddos: age-appropriate art projects, games, storytelling and imaginative that supports and inspires during this uncertain time

  • for grownups: specifically designed projects for even the most hesitant and shy "non-artists" in a fun, supportive environment that encourages MUCH NEEDED playfulness and creativity right now...

sign up for september workshops now, or contact us about scheduling a customized art party!

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